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The Picture Of Dorian Bay

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Product Description

A deceptively light-hearted blend of rose and bergamot with a hint of bay

The story: An exquisite scent inspired by Oscar Wilde's dark and fantastical tale about a man obsessed with his own beauty. An alluring scent of rose geranium and citrus with just a hint of enigmatic spice in its depth.

The product: A moisturising lip balm made with pure essential oils and beetroot extract. It will appear transparent on the lips. The tube is made from recycled cardboard and plant glue, and is 100% compostable. To use, gently push on the bottom to bring out the content. 

Try this if you love

  • Timeless classics
  • Flawed and compelling characters
  • Sweet and long-lasting florals

Vegan. Plastic-free. No artificial flavours.

14ml  |  Recommended Use Before: 12 MONTHS

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