To celebrate the F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion, we have curated our favourite superfan facts for you. Go on, it's only a quick read with some iconic gifs along the way. 


1. Chandler and Phoebe were only meant to be supporting roles: 

When the creators originally wrote the show, they created it with the idea of four friends. We don’t even want to imagine a F.R.I.E.N.D.S without them now.  

Season 5 Episode 111 GIF by Friends

2. Courtney Cox was the only cast member not to be Emmy nominated: 

Courtney Cox never got an Emmy nomination for playing the role of Monica. Seems a little unfair when you think about the effort that went into that seven scene... 

Season 4 Monica GIF by Friends

3. Bruce Willis guest-starred after losing a bet to Matthew Perry: 

They both co-starred in a film ‘The Nine Yards’ and while Perry thought the film would hit number 1 on the first week of release, Willis felt differently. Alas, a bet was born to co-star in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, which we all now remember him too well as Elizabeth's Dad, who enjoys terrorising Ross while dating Rachel. He seemingly donated the money from the show to charity.  

Bruce Willis Mirror GIF by Friends


4. Monica was originally meant to end up with Joey: 

And if you cast your mind back to the beginning, this would make sense as the creators made Monica have a crush on Joey when he applies to be Chandler’s new roommate. Think of all the lasagnes Joey could of had though?

Shocked Episode 2 GIF by Friends


5. 'The one Where No Ones Ready' takes place entirely in Monica's apartment due to budget restrictions: 

It’s kind of hard to believe they had budget restrictions these days on the show but it’s true. Back in Season 3 they had to create what was known as a bottle episode for budget purposes. It is now one of the most loved episodes.     

Season 3 Lunges GIF by Friends


6. Ross is 29 for 3 years on the show

Look, maybe it was an oversight, maybe it was to see if we were super fanned enough to notice. He is 29 for 3 consecutive seasons: 3,4,5. He also appears to have two different birthdays, one in October and one in December. If it was going to happen to anyone, it was always going to be Ross.   

Drunk Episode 2 GIF by Friends


7. Jennifer Aniston owned the big white dog: 

It was given to her as a good luck gift before her first day of shooting the show. We only find out when Joey and Rachel live together that the dog's name is Pat.  

dog friends GIF


8. A whopping 33 episodes aired before Gunther spoke: 

And his first line was a hard-hitting ‘Yeah.’ But with hair that bright, he didn’t need to say much did he?    

Season 4 Episode 6 GIF by Friends


9. Phoebe is actually pregnant in the show

The show's creators wrote the pregnancy into the show when Lisa Kudrow got pregnant, but it had to be in true Phoebe style... Carrying her brother’s triplets. Iconic.

Season 5 Cereal GIF by Friends


10. Central Perk was torn down to become the airport in which Rachel is leaving to go to Paris in the Season Finale

It was all worth it though guys, because she got off the plane.  

Came Back Love GIF by HBO Max



If you’re as much of a F.R.I.E.N.D.S lover as us, we know you’ll be tuning into the Reunion at 8 PM tonight on SkyOne. Could we BE any more excited?!?!  


May 27, 2021 — Carragh Meaney

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