Yes, we have heard it time and time again, especially since circa The Devils Wears Prada 2006 – Thank you, Meryl Streep.

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But groundbreaking or not, nothing says goodbye to winter like stepping into a beautiful floral print. So, whether it is a dress, shirt or even as far as a waistcoat, we like to believe we have something for everyone here at Willow.
Now let’s take a peek, shall we?   



Numph Hella Waistcoat

1.  Wallflower Waistcoats:   

We say wallflower waistcoat because it only holds a small amount of floral print in this piece. However, with its bright and striking colours mixed against contrasting fabrics of a teddy coat, our Numph Hella Waistcoat will have you feeling like anything but a wallflower!  

Honestly, just look at those vibrant Spring colours.   



Numph Villie Shirt Dress   

2. Soft Shirt Dresses

If you want that floral print to give you a feminine and fresh appearance this season, let us suggest our elegant Numph Villie Shirt Dress. It is the epitome of soft and delicate. With its pink neutral tones giving it a unique and dreamy feel, this is the perfect piece to pop on with a strappy heel and walk into any occasion you have on the horizon.  

Remember, restrictions are lifted!  



 3. Blossom in Workwear:  

Curating your workwear closet doesn’t have to be boring as we approach the brighter days ahead. Throw in elements of personality with a floral blouse. It doesn’t have to be stand-out; subtle prints are the way forward here with our Numph Caltum Blouse 

But if you do fancy bringing some playful colours to the table, say hello to our Vero Moda Noel Top (and for an amazing price too!)   


 Vero Moda Harmony Dress

4. Springtime Staples:   

The minute you know winter has exited the chat, that is when we need to lock down those springtime staples. You gotta’ prioritise brightening that closet! Start with curating those pieces in your wardrobe that are considered staples. They are the items you pop on and feel like you are ready for the day.  

Well, that very much is our Pieces Harmony Dress to us this season. So, whether you are a lover of colourful vibrance or earthy neutrals – these tick all the boxes.


 Sugarhill Melanie Smock Dress

5. The Floral Smock Dress:   
Comfortable and casual, a smock dress is something every woman needs in her wardrobe and what better time to start collecting these gems as you enter into February. If we could select one piece from our Spring Collection, let it be our Sugarhill Melanie Smock Dress. With its soft hues of pink flowers throughout it, this dress brings floral to the table with subtly and softness.



Now that we have run through just a few of the pieces available in our online store that make us feel ready to kick into February, we hope that you have taken away a little something from this short read. Enjoy stepping into brighter, more feminine pieces as we say hello to Spring.   


Until next time,   

Carragh x   



January 26, 2022 — Carragh Meaney

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