Loads of clothes, yet nothing to wear? We have ALL been there. But let’s go back to basics and what better way to start afresh than by exploring neutrals? It’s all about having the right number of neutrals (well quite frankly you can never have too many!) 

Let’s dive right into some neutral knowledge... 

What are neutrals? 
When we say we are going back to basics we mean it...What are neutrals? These colours consist of your:
  Styling neutral colours

Now some may look at that list of colours and think ‘I’ll take black and ditch the rest or some may think ‘that list sounds like a recipe to make me look washed-out'. But fear not, neutrals styled the right way can look incredibly chic and the best thing is it doesn't have to be complicated!  

How to Style your Neutrals

Monochromatic Magic 

Hear me out head to toe in one colour can sound a little bit daunting, however a two piece co-ord set like our Viggi Set does does the trick! Another way is mixing tones like your Ivories with soft browns. The key is to add a variety of tones and shades to create an overall monochromatic look. 

Vero moda two piece shorts

Pops of Color 

Here at Willow, we love a bit of colour but we understand that again it can be a bold move to wear those bright oranges and yellows. How about but some neutrals to balance out the look. Let’s take our Oli Singlet in orange, pair it with our Seven smooth coated jeans and you’re dressed!  

From Patterns, Prints and so much more... 

Neutrals act as the perfect backdrop to your prints and textures. Let’s take our Singh Shirt paired with our Viggi High waist shorts – together both colours not only complement each other and create a more balanced look, with our Viggi shorts picking up some of those neutral tones on the blouse.  

Lolly's Laundrey

Neutrals are the backbone of a good functional wardrobe and make for the perfect backdrop to your colours,prints and textures.

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration to rock your neutrals with confidence this season! 

Love Eva x

July 29, 2022 — Carragh Meaney

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