Every year it springs upon us, and out of nowhere – Mother’s Day is on the horizon (Sunday, March 27th for anyone who needs a gentle reminder. don’t worry we got you!) 

While gifts and celebrations will never quite show her how much she truly means to you, here at Willow we have taken the liberty of curating a couple of things that we just know she will LOVE!

From that dress on her Wishlist to the ever-loved candles & coffee table books – there is a little something for every mother. So, let’s dive into it:   


On Her Wishlist:  

Whether she admits it or not, every woman has a Wishlist that she is compiling daily as she does her evening scroll. We are all guilty of it, no shame!

So, if you have your eye on that gorgeous occasion wear dress or an everyday coat that you couldn’t possibly treat yourself to, simply pop it into your Willow Wishlist because now, you can pop a cheeky email to give a gentle nudge.

You know, just in case they were interested in what caught your eye.


Mothers Day Gifts
2. Nee Dress - €140
3. Busan Maxi Dress  - €230


Charming Candles: 

Who doesn’t love being given a candle for any occasion? Especially one that crackles as it burns. Our Wild Atlantic Wick candles ooze charm and character with their sweet sentimental moments behind them. They show everyone the thought and emotion behind the gift, and that is truly at the heart of what every mother wants on that Sunday morning.

If that doesn’t make you fall in love with them, they are hand-poured in the West Coast of Ireland so you are supporting Irish brands through and through.

Mothers Day Gifts

4. Maimeó - Granny Candle - €20

5. Baile - Home Candle - €20

6. Màthair - Mother Candle  - €20


Luxury Lovers: 

Here is the thing about handbags, they always fit. If she is a lover of luxury, put yourself straight to our accessory section because that is where you will find exactly what she is looking for. Choose from small compact handbags to tote bags that fit everything but the kitchen sink.  
Mothers Day Gifts
9. Jorjey Crossbody Bag  - €170 


Cosy Coffee Table Books: 

If your mother loves to take care of the interiors of her home and every time you arrive through the door, she has somehow managed to move, add and make the home an all-around more fabulous place – then she more than likely will love a coffee table book as a present. To be fair, you don’t need to love interiors to love these beauties, but it sure does make the gifting process that bit less stressful.  


Mothers Day Gifts

10. Mad About The House - €40

11. Everything - A Maximalist Style - €60

12. Everlasting Dried Flowers - €30 




We hope something screamed out to you. Don't worry, if nothing seems to be fitting the gift you are looking for right now, we will have plenty more to showcase over the next two weeks so sit tight.

Until then,
Carragh. X


March 09, 2022 — Carragh Meaney

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