The word sustainability has been floating around a lot in the recent years, and growingly more and more every single day. And as we all know: this is a good thing.

I recently watched David Attenborough’s ‘’Our Planet’’. If you watched it, you know what I am talking about. And if you haven’t, you should. It left a very big imprint on my mind & heart that there certainly is no PLANET B, and we; the humans, are about the only thing that can help it.

Every industry has an impact on the environment; and the fashion industry has a substantial one. I believe there is no one-catch-all solution to fix the situation. For many, sustainable fashion means ‘a circular product that is designed to continue past its use by date’. The idea is that clothes go through a technical cycle, being capable to be recycled time and time again or go through a biological cycle, so clothing can be decomposed and return to nature as it once was. This means investing in pieces that use less energy, chemicals, water and material waste. The hope that we prefer lasting style over fast fashion means you will curate a conscious wardrobe.

But implementing all these changes takes time, and an army.

So, if making some eco-friendly buys has been on your mind for a while now, here are just a couple of brands and pieces that are bringing the change at Willow, which I personally love:


As they are a new brand just brought into the store, it seems fitting to begin by talking about them. I had the pleasure of having a preview of the Murala collection when it first got brought into the store. They were the most comfortable, timeless and eye-catching pieces. Two Irish designers, Alan & Sandra, created the brand, which only makes it better in my mind. All clothes are developed ethically as ‘fabrics are digitally printed through an eco-friendly process using less energy, chemicals and waste as well as being produced in Poland under EU working regulations’. This is just a really exciting time to support a brand that brings us beautifully patterned dresses that can be worn time and time again, alongside the brightest tops for any occasion. If you do want to invest in pieces for your wardrobe, that will last you a lifetime and feel different from the norm, these are your guys.


I am obsessed with these runners, mainly because they are ridiculously comfortable and insanely cool in how they are created. They are inspired by nature and are as sustainable as possible. They are formed with materials such as cork, rubber, suede’s and calf & fish leather. The cork is carefully scraped from cork trees so as to not cause any damage and ensure the tree remains standing while it creates new bark. The rubber is 10% recycled and mixed with natural and ordinary rubber. But to me, the most interesting part is the fish leather. It is a by-product of the fishing industry and only 1% is used while the rest is simply thrown away, adding to waste. It is 10 times stronger and more durable than calf leather, which is incredible.

AWARE by Vero Moda


Sustainable choices can still be affordable. Willow has recently stocked some of the eco-friendly Aware collection by Vero Moda. Generally, when we see clothes that carry the same fabric, they are used to create multiple different pieces. This is ensuring less fabric waste and in turn, will be better for the environment. Other brands in store are all slowly and maturely evoking positive change such as Noisy May and Ichi. Look out for the labels that help to allow you to make some conscious choices.

And on that note, I believe fashion has always had the power of influencing cultural needs time and time again, a form of expression. I myself am only now beginning to slowly implement changes across my life choices to help be more sustainable. But that’s the first step, and we can all do that. See the issue, and decide you want to be part of making a difference. Allow the clothes you choose to show sustainable choices in your life: wear that dress as a kimono, invest in a lifelong piece you know you’ll wear to death, give to charity when you no longer need, choose virgin materials so you can recycle them.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it starts with a thought and we can all go from there. 

Until next time,

Love Carragh x


July 04, 2019 — Laura Lynam


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