Happy new year everybody, 2022 has arrived!  

And with it, so has the desire to update and revamp our wardrobe. With so much to choose from and January being a busy time for all, we thought: let's make revamping our style as simple & easy as possible. Enjoy a light read while we showcase to you what we feel your wardrobe needs for some gentle sprucing to welcome both style and freshness into your closet.  


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Now, who could say no to that?  


1. All about the blazer:   

Blazers are a must-have. Let us repeat: A MUST-HAVE! They can dress up any outfit, giving structure and chicness. If you find your wardrobe is an accumulation of jeans and plain tees – this is what you need to dial it up that bit further. From crisp neutrals, sleek blacks or a pop of colour, this seasons Brooke Blazer has something for everyone. Not to mention it has a double breast feature and texture, bringing utmost luxury and depth to any outfit.   

 2. A white shirt never goes out of style:   

If you do not own a crisp white shirt in your wardrobe, you are looking at your gentle reminder to get on it today: a game-changer. Wear the Irena Oxford Shirt on its own for a simple workwear fix, or use it as a stylish layering base. We suggest popping a knit vest over or simply making use of contrasting those bright blazers we mentioned earlier. The possibilities are endless, and it all starts with a plain white shirt. Who knew?   


 3. The investment piece:   

Start your year right with an investment piece that makes you feel a million bucks! Without a shadow of a doubt, we are steering you towards our Monnii Jumpsuit. Being the epitome of elegance and class, The Monnii Jumpsuit has a flattering slim cut with the waistcoat-style top giving it a subtle twist of a masculine edge. Pop a polo under it for a chunkier casual look or a pair of heels when a girl's night is calling. Have we mentioned it is in our Winter Sale yet? Well, now you know...   


4. Making workwear a priority:   

It is the new year, you are heading into the office or simply trying to create a little motivation from your 'work-from-home' station: what do you do?  

How about updating your workwear closet to feel fresh and more ready than ever to tackle that workload. When it comes to workwear you cannot go wrong with a shirt, but we suggest one that gives a little bit of edge, versatility and says you are anything but boring: it has to be the My Loose Shirt. It is super comfortable with its slinky loose fit and pairs perfectly beside your morning coffee.   


5. Do not forget to add the vibrance:   

As a lover of vibrant colours, we thought it is essential that everyone adds a little bit of fun and personality to their everyday looks. Here at Willow, we love to add that element of vibrance into our knitwear collection. So, when the New Wine Cardigan arrived, it ticked all of the boxes in that category. With its gorgeous pastel green colour and whimsy lemon embroidery, we promise you will smile every time it stares back at you in your closet.   


6. Scarves always fit:

Exactly what it says on the tin: Scarves ALWAYS fit! And that is why we know you hoard them every year, just like us. No judgement over here, we promise.  

 So while we are living in Ireland with that crisp air going nowhere anytime soon, and the Winter Sale is still in full swing... We might take one in every colour, please! 



We could go on for days with what you should add to your 2022 wardrobe, but we think this is a nice place to start. If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to clear out your closet yet to begin your revamp, don't worry, we put together a little detox post to guide you through what to keep or toss to make room for some newly loved pieces.   


Until next time,   



Carragh. X   




January 12, 2022 — Carragh Meaney

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