We hope you are adjusting to the new normal.

Last week we temporarily had to close our doors. This week, we are ensuring we continue to do our part in the battle against the spread of COVID19.

So to ensure we fully abide by social distancing measures, everyone on our online team will be working completely solo.

All online orders will be fulfilled as normal but with strict disinfectant protocols, regular hand washing and cleaning of workspaces and surfaces.

Delivery Update
Our delivery services with DPD are in operation as normal but delivery may take 2/3 working days. (after all, we will only have one pair of hands fulfilling each order) so please be patient with us. If something is urgent, please just let us know and we will prioritise that order for fulfilment.

Returns Update
We have extended our returns period for all customers who placed orders from the 1st of March by 90 days.

This will, of course, be reviewed and extended where necessary.

Please note that due to social distancing best practice - there will be a longer than usual delay in processing returns.

We really appreciate the numerous customer's who have continued to shop 'small'. It really has a big impact, especially now, on small businesses like us, so thank you, thank you, thank you!!

We hope to welcome you into our stores soon... we will have to throw a big prosecco party when it's safe to do so! (You can hold us to that!) We'll keep the site updated daily so keep an eye on 'New Arrivals'.

Thanks a million.