Figuring out your personal style is the key to unlocking a wardrobe you can be fully content with. And we're sure we've all felt that feeling of having nothing to wear and mountain of clothes ready to fall on top os us! Or buying that one piece that you loved when you first bought it but now it sits in your wardrobe with the tag still on, (Don’t worry ladies we’re all guilty of doing this!). But here at Willow, we’re all about unlocking the most stylish part of you, no matter what it may be. We’ve put together a guide on how to find your personal style to make shopping, styling and dressing up more fun!  

 1. It starts with your wardrobe 

Before we tell you to rush into the closest shop next to you, starting at home and looking into your wardrobe is a good place to start (and with there being only three months left in the year it may be a good time to do a seasonal clearing!). Look at what you wear daily, what you bought and haven't worn and what pieces you could do with parting with – let's face it we all have a few pieces that we have emotional attachments to them! But filtering out what you wear and what you don’t wear anymore is a great way of cleansing your wardrobe of fillers that make you feel like you have nothing to wear. 

2. Consider your day-to-day  

Let’s face it,the reality is on our day-to-day we’re bouncing from school runs to running errands to meetings. So, it’s important that whatever we buy that it fits in with our day-to-day. If you’re a mom on the go, pieces like our LYNDSEY jumpers are a cosy but chic throw-on-and-go number. Or if you’re in and out of the office our KATE SUS OFFICE PANTS are a perfect buy as they’re practical comfortable and as the name suggests perfect for the office. 

 vero moda striped jumper

Saba Rollneck Jumper - €47

Office trousers

Kate Sus Office Pants - €57

3. Be inspired!

Take inspiration from everywhere! From your favourite influencer to saving some inspiration on Pinterest or simply following on Instagram (our reels are full of styling inspiration), no matter what website or app you love to scroll through nab some style inspiration from everywhere, save them and see what you can apply to suit you. 

4. Step outside your comfort zone 

Here at Willow, we’re all about having you discover what your style is – and a crucial part of this is being able to step outside your comfort zone. Wearing a colour you wouldn’t usually wear or if you always opt for plain why not go for print? Stepping outside your comfort zone doesn’t have to be scary, start with baby steps and see where your style takes you! 

5. Build a capsule wardrobe

The backbone of a good wardrobe is investing in some good staples, from a good pair of jeans, classic tees or a wool coat that’ll take you anywhere – a capsule wardrobe consists of good basics you can wear over and over again. Check out our Casual Collection for all things casual and chic. 
wrap over cardigan

6. Wear what makes you happy

And as cliche as it sounds, style is all about being yourself and being comfortable in your clothes – so look for things you feel happy wearing. Whether it's a specific colour or print, wear what puts a smile on your face. 


So ladies, we’ve hoped that we’ve inspired you to get excited about your wardrobe again and that your next buy in-store (or online!) will be a successful one. 

 Happy Shopping and until next time,

Love Eva x

October 18, 2022 — Carragh Meaney

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