We are so excited to introduce one of our latest segments that we have brought to Willow – our “Step into Style with...” blog. Here we intend on asking questions & picking the brains of some of the most stylish women who lead different industries here in Ireland and getting to know them that little bit better.  

First up is Emily O’Donoghue - a beautifully kind soul with a classic taste for fashion that is portrayed so wonderfully through her online aesthetic. We adore her hard-working nature, quick sense of humour and most of all how effortlessly she styles her outfits to give everyone who watches her the ultimate inspiration and confidence.  

We couldn’t be more delighted for you to now step into style with...

Emily O’Donoghue. 

Fashionably Fortyish - Emily O'Donohue


Where did you get your style inspiration from?  

"For sure, my Mum. I loved her wardrobe as a kid – all her shoes and handbags. She still won’t let me near any of them though!"


What are the wardrobe essentials that you cannot live without?  

"A comfy hoody, a cashmere jumper, trainers, black knee-high boots, skinny jeans and a decent crossbody handbag."


What inspired you to begin your fashion blog/page?  

"MY HUSBAND! We were down in Kelly’s Resort in Wexford one weekend nearly 4 years ago and I asked him to take a photo for me of my outfit for my personal Instagram and he said “you know what you should do? Set up a fashion Instagram where all these photos will actually make sense!!” ….. SO, I DID!!"


Describe your style in 3 words / your personality in 3 words.  

"I feel my style is classic and casual mixed with some fun. My personality is kind, fun and fair."


Fashionably fortyish - Emily O'Donohue


What is your first memory of loving the world of fashion? 

"Watching my Mum get ready for a dinner party or something when I was small. When I was in my twenties, I got to work at the fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris and I became obsessed!" 


Tell us a fun fact about you that we would be surprised to know.  

"Hmm...I did grade 8 piano? I sing in our church choir and the weirdest thing is the fact I can write with both hands, at the same time, in opposite directions!!"


What are your favourite pieces on Willow right now that you are loving?  

"The Naomi Knit with jeans will be amazing and I am obsessed with the Leah Jeans – I need them! Finally, the Manhattan Floral Dress – someone needs to buy that and wear it to an occasion & tag me!"   


Fashionably Fortyish Emily O'Donohue


 We hope you enjoyed this as much as we loved chatting with Emily. Don't forget to follow her page @fashionablyfortyish on Instagram and let us know in the comments who you would like us to interview next. X 
October 10, 2022 — Carragh Meaney

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