Naturally, you’ll think we’re being biased but our Style Ambassador, Carragh Meaney, is one of the most beautiful souls you will ever meet.

Carragh’s style is classic yet quirky, quietly powerful and oh-so on trend and that’s why we love her! Keep reading to find out a little bit more about our Style Ambassador. x

There is so many amazing women’s style that I love and admire. Holly Willoughby is right there at the top with the most amazing and simplistic everyday and casual style inspiration. I adore the powerful and slick look that Victoria Beckham has to give and I love to incorporate that element into a strong work outfit. My main woman, however, would have to be Blake Lively who just gives me the quirkiest inspiration with jewellery, patterns & suiting.

I will be sad to let go of Autumn winter 18′ but hopefully, we will have an actual Summer in Ireland to enjoy all of the outfits in the season ahead. I have adored all of the ladies suiting that has come to life this Winter so I am really looking forward to that moving ahead, as well as all of the midi skirts & dresses that this world has to offer! Floral and paisley are a massive yes for me also so I cannot wait for all of those pieces to hit the shops.

I could find that walking down the street! Everybody has such a different style that you can learn to incorporate so many different elements & ideas from so many different people. I definitely have taken a lot from my Mom who made me learn to love colour, scarves and accessories. I tend to always drop back into ideas and conversation with her. That being said…I LOVE the red carpets and Instagram for all the good stuff as well!

I think we are like two peas in a pod because I pretty much want everything, all of the time! (TAKE MY MONEY!) As I love florals, colour and print: Willow has the most unique pieces that stand out like no others. The quirky and colourful elements that meet you the moment you walk through the doors or enter the website made me certain that my style fitted perfectly.

If the past 8 months have been anything to go by, words cannot express how excited I am to get stuck into the new year with Willow. I have learned and gained so much by being a part of this team so I cannot wait to see what the coming year has to offer. There is so much passion and drive behind this company that I look forward to only becoming more motivated and enjoying what I do, every second that I do it! I am grateful, ready and passionate for the year ahead!

Until next time,

Carragh x

February 16, 2019 — Laura Lynam

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