We have been feeling in a little bit of a floral spirit since the launch of our online and in-store pop-up shop with Nell Stritch. The love of all things wild and mesmerising has captured all of our eyes here at Willow, and we are not complaining about it. Haven’t yet experienced the beauty of our Pressed Flowers by Nell collaboration? We have the perfect collection curated for you right here.  

So, while we are feeling the inspiration, we thought why not take a peek at the pieces in our online store that give us the ultimate elements of femininity, fun and floral beauty.  

Dramatically Floral: 

Sometimes when we think of floral, we believe it to be soft, subtle... Not quite standing out in the crowd. And while there is a beauty to that, we frankly enjoy the wild elements that a floral printed shirt can bring to the table. Stand out in the crowd and pair our Fillipa Shirt with our Lexi Trousers for a bold, feminine statement this season. Nothing says I have arrived like vibrant pink trousers.  

Subtly Blooming:

Less can very often mean more. If you see yourself reflected in that statement but still fancy wearing fun patterns and prints, see yourself straight to our Agate Top. With its neutral tones and delicate floral pattern, it will be sure to make your style bloom with its structured puff sleeves. Pair it with cream jeans for a monochromatic look. If you want to take the leap and not be a wallflower, make it pop against our favourite Brenda Jeans


Lilac Love:

Every woman needs a statement top in her wardrobe, and finding one that has a romantic feel makes it so much more special. Our Archives Blouse is that piece for us this AW21’. While it has an effortless fluid flow and loose fit, it also holds a leafy & floral pattern throughout it without being too loud. The colour palette of lilac, green and black mix seamlessly to give us a fresh and bright illusion to the eye.


More often than not, our clothing shouts our own individual forms of expression through our style. What better way to show elements of a fun and fresh personality than through some wild & fresh prints this season. 



Carragh x 



August 16, 2021 — Carragh Meaney

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